An Overview of your Household Moving

Preparation process

Your moving expert has the responsibility to make assessment of your needs, give you all the options available and help you in estimating the costs. All your items in your home are checked and the experts will let you know the items not permitted to be moved or those that require special handling.

Loading and packing

Our driver and packer will offer more services other than driving the truck and pack the items in the boxes. They are also responsible for other services such as:
1. Use of protective coverings to safeguard your items and home.
2. Perform a comprehensive inventory of belongings to be moved.
3. Labeling the boxes using stickers for easier identification.
4. Loading your moving boxes and other items into the truck.
5. Delivering your items to your new home safely.
In case you will not be available during the loading, you need to have a responsible person represent you in signing the inventory list and bill of lading.


Our drivers prepare a comprehensive inventory and report on the condition of all items you are relocating. In addition to tagging, the moving experts will also keep record of each item and description of any damage on the inventory form. You are required to accompany the driver during the inventory preparation, showing any concerns or handling your items on the way. You will be required to sign the inventory together with the driver and retain one copy. You need to keep this copy to use in the future. You should also sign the bill of lading which is the contract you agree with the company.

Delivery of your items

It is vital to get in touch with your moving coordinator when you arrive in your new location. This ensures that all the final moving plans are made. The driver will contact you 24 hours before arriving to confirm the arrangements. When your items arrive, you can assist in facilitating the unloading process by showing the experts where to store the items. Our moving experts will help you in reassembling all the items and you are required to check that all your items are in the right conditions. In case of any damaged item, take note in the inventory copies and notify the coordinator.

Making payment

Unless you have made advance payment, the driver is required to receive the payment before the items are unloaded. We discuss with you the most convenient means of payment to use. The bill of lading signed by our driver act as your receipt for the payment.

Unpacking of items

If you have made payment for unpacking, all your items will be unpacked from the boxes during the delivery time.

Does Residential Moving Have to be so Stressful all the Time?

Residential moving can sometimes be a stressful activity. A lot is involved even when you are moving to another house across the streets. Getting a reliable and experienced moving company to help you is important. In Singapore, there are companies that understand that you may not have the time, know how or equipment to help you move smoothly. These are international movers Singapore companies that have the ability to deal with any situation no matter how complicated it might be. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are moving to, they can help you handle the process. What should you be looking for in a company?male courier company worker delivering a package.

Fast and Efficient Services

Most people have a day or a few hours to dedicate to the residential moving process. For you to do this on time, you require a company that can offer timely services. Most international movers and packers Singapore companies have the required experience to make this smooth and save you time even when you are moving oversees.

Protection to Your Property

Wrong handling of your household goods may lead to damage and destruction, which sometimes is irreversible. Proper packaging, handling and shipment is important if you don’t want to lose your valuables. You may not know how to do this because some of the items may be too bulky, others fragile while there are those that are heavy and require experienced people to handle them. There are also special vehicles for ferrying fragile items ensuring they reach their destination safely. Can the international movers company promise you safe shipment of your property?

Professional Services

Have you ever asked a company to do something for you but at the last minute fails to do it? Maybe they do not have enough employees to handle their workload or they are incompetent. A company should not just offer timely services but should be well prepared with the right equipment at hand. This is possible if it does a site survey before to ensure it has an idea of what it is supposed to do. A sight survey will also help the company advise you appropriately on the best way to handle the job.

Residential moving can be stressful. It only not involves packing and shipping the items to the new location but once there, you are supposed to unpack and organize the house. Having a company that can do all this for you can give you peace of mind leaving you to enjoy your new home.